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Chesapeake Bay Jetty at Sunset

Our Vision



Everyone has heard some variation of the old expression "The world is our oyster!" at one time or another, But now Oyster King 1 has put a brand new
spin on the old saw by adopting the motto:

"The Oyster Is Our World!"

If you live on or near The Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries you are about
to find out just how important the diminutive oyster really is to your world. You may even find yourself taking Oyster King's motto as your own! Oyster King 1 has recently joined the fight to clean up Chesapeake Bay and its connected waterways. The battle to restore the Bay to its former glory was first waged more than 40 years ago by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and continues to be driven by this dynamic visionary not-for-profit organization to this day.


It is time for serious action to clean the Chesapeake Bay, and bring back the oysters and crabs. It will not be easy and it can not be done by one person, one program, or one idea. Success will require massive undertaking. Oyster King 1 is happy to join with all of the existing and future efforts helping to save, restore and maintain the bay and its marine crops. Oyster King 1 is confident that its efforts and the attendant publicity will create abundant interest and inspire large numbers of others to bring the bay back into its glory of the 40's and 50's!

We've all enjoyed the bay's bountiful rewards to us, now its time we all GIVE SOMETHING BACK to the Chesapeake Bay!



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