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Chesapeake Bay View



 Breathe New Life into Chesapeake Bay
by Helping Our Team Construct Oyster Hotels!

We have all enjoyed the Chesapeake Bay for years, but have you ever wondered what would happen if the bay
was taken away from us? At the current rate of pollution and environmental decay, that possibility could
become a reality sooner than you think. Contact us today to learn how the dedicated team at Oyster King 1
is taking a stand and making a conscious effort to save our beloved Bay.


                   Oyster Facts and Figures

 Oysters are the Chesapeake Bay's main means of filtration
• The Oyster is a bivalve filter feeder
• Oysters are known for filtering out harmful CO2 from the water
• Mature oysters filter more than 60 gallons of water in a single day
• Oysters grow more rapidly when exposed to high amounts of O2


The Importance of Oysters

At one time, oysters were the most abundant animal in the entire Chesapeake Bay. Now, those numbers are decreasing at an exponential rate due to unchecked pollution and environmental erosion. If we don't act soon, the cost of restoring the Bay could exceed the current budget of the entire state of Maryland.

Oyster Hotels

Our environmental awareness affiliates have developed and patented a special device known as an oyster hotel.

This device is a floating growth cage that suspends baby oysters within the top 3 feet of the Bay. The top of the water receives the most sunlight, so it contains more oxygen than the water present in the lower depths. Since the oysters are absorbing more oxygen in this region, they grow at a much faster rate than they normally would at the bottom of the bay. Oysters that grow in an oyster hotel typically reach full maturity in just 9 months — a fraction of the time it would take for them to grow in the wild. The oyster hotel has the potential to single-handedly save the Chesapeake Bay form irreparable damage.

How You Can Help

If you would like to contribute to this worthwhile cause, we encourage you to get in touch with our agency so you can make a monetary donation. All donations are tax deductible and will be applied to restoring the long-term health and beauty of our beloved Bay.




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