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Time To Take Action

Arm Yourself With Knowledge
by Learning about the Latest Local Environmental Issues

Help us clean up pollution levels in the Chesapeake Bay region by becoming active with Oyster King. Our organization is 100% dedicated to helping the Bay area recover from the effects of pollution, but we need your help to do it.

Contact us today to become active in our organization.

An Ecological Crisis

Fifty years ago, the Chesapeake Bay contained billions of oysters, all of which were filtering the water of pollutants and contaminants. In fact, there were so many oysters present that they could filter all the water in the entire bay in a span of just 3 days.
Today, however, there simply aren't enough oysters present to filter out all the pollution we keep dumping into the Bay.
Furthermore, oysters are continually being harvested for food, complicating the problem since there are fewer oysters left to get the job done. This has resulted in a huge ecological imbalance that threatens to spiral out of control in the coming years. Poaching is a serious threat to the oyster population!

Steps to Avoid Disaster

The key to rebuilding the Chesapeake Bay is to first rebuild the oyster population. With more oysters in the Bay, they will be able to filter more water and remove more contaminants. The problem is that the very bottom of the Bay (where oysters normally grow) has become so encrusted with pollution and grime that oysters can no longer grow in their natural state. The only available room for them to grow is near the surface of the water where sunlight can reach them. That is where the oyster hotels come into play. These floating devices will encourage oyster growth and re-introduce more of these helpful filtration creatures into the ecosystem.

Time to Take Action

Restoring the Chesapeake Bay to pristine condition is not a task that can be completed by one person
or one organization. We will only succeed if we all band together and make a conscious effort to
clean up the ecosystem.

Call our environmental awareness organization today to learn how you can join us in this worthwhile undertaking.
Educate yourself on pressing environmental issues when you get in touch with our organization in Pasadena, Maryland.


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