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For the first time in living memory the oysters of Chesapeake Bay have a true friend and ally – the Chesapeake Oyster Guild (COG). A group of highly motivated Chesapeake oyster growers have united, bringing new innovative tools, technologies and substantiated scientific growing methods to the fight to restore the oyster populations of the Bay.

Founded in 2007, as of March 2008 COG is already overseeing the growth of millions of baby oysters in rapid-growth aqua cultural flotation cages, changing forever the ways in which oysters can not only survive the Bay’s poor condition, but flourish. The COG charter presents a platform to all existing and future oyster-growing entrepreneurs, extending new, and easily duplicable, technologies and techniques to all involved.

The number one concern for Chesapeake Bay is the clearing of nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus content from the waterways. Oysters do just that! They clean water thoroughly.

Every time a COG organization member successfully raises another million oysters to full size, an annual 15 billion gallons of Chesapeake Bay basin waters have been freed of troublesome and dangerous chemical and mineral levels. That’s enough water to cover and area of 25 square miles to a depth waist deep. Such water recovery creates an improvement of clarity that restores bay grasses, blue crabs, and a multitude of food fish and other marine life.

Another underlying reason for the formation of COG is that it becomes an entity large and high profile enough that its core concerns be taken seriously by government and industry.

COG charter members presently include the St. Thomas Creek Oyster Company, Wells Cove Shellfish Nursery, Oyster Growers Services Incorporated, Oyster King 1 Incorporated, The Clean Lake Project, and Circle C Oyster Ranchers Association Incorporated.

Mr. Andrew Murdza, COG President and Daily Record Innovator of the Year, had this to say about the Guild. "Never before in the past history of the entire Chesapeake Bay region, have aqua culturists organized to create a force to motivate and expand the use of aquaculture to positively improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and environs." He goes on to say "Nobody but us is successfully capturing CO2, nitrogen and phosphorus, while at the same time promoting a generous business model giving a substantial return to investors. Yeah, a brand new tiny grass-roots group is doing all of that".

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