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Chesapeake Bay Jetty at Sunset

Oyster King 1, the Oyster and Chesapeake Bay

The oyster is the Bay's filtration system. The oyster is a bi-valve filter feeder.

50 years ago the oyster reefs of The Chesapeake Bay filtered the entire body of water in one to three days. There were billions of them. The fisheries thrived. Watermen accumulated considerable wealth. Today there just aren't oysters to keep the Bay clean. Watermen moonlight pumping gas and doing odd jobs to make ends meet. Ironically it’s invasive fishing practices like dragging and dredging the reefs that has created the present ecological imbalance.

The only way to rebuild The Chesapeake Bay water body is to first rebuild the oyster population. The bottom of the Bay is for the most part lifeless. No sunlight penetrates and there is no oxygen to either promote life or complete the decay process. Oysters must be grown in the top of the water column now that the bottom strata is so seriously depleted.

The oyster is the single most important critter for the health of the Bay.


AndrewEnter Oyster King 1, bringing new technology and an action plan that calls for participation by government, industry and the public at large.

Company Chairman and Founder Andrew Murdza has invented and patented a device that he calls a "Floating Oyster Hotel". This unique growth cage suspends a large tray of oyster spat (baby oysters able to attach themselves) within the top three feet of the water. The top waters have higher oxygen levels and is loaded with the nutrients that oysters need. Oysters held in this position grow bigger and faster than they do in nature.
In fact oysters grown in this way are mature enough in just nine months to be put into a top-water sanctuary where they could single-handedly restore The Chesapeake Bay's health.


When Oysters Rule

Restoring The Chesapeake Bay will have a profound impact on the Maryland economy. We can expect to see a re-establishment of the fisheries and establishment of sustainable fisheries. Responding to a healthy environment the food chain will regain its natural balance and there will again be an abundance of fresh healthy food-fish like bass, rock fish, scup, shad, and blue crab and a host of other delicacies.

Tourism involving sports and recreational activities such as swimming, boating and fishing represents tens of billions of dollars annually to the state of Maryland.

So what's the program?

Here is Oyster King 1's three phase initiative:

Oyster Hotel


To get involved, please call Oyster King 1 at (410)255-1492

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