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Helpful Environmental Restoration Solutions


from Our Environmental Awareness Organization

The Chesapeake Bay is in dire straits. Every day, new pollutants are being introduced to the bay, shattering the fragile ecosystem and turning this majestic body of water into a noxious bog. At Oyster King 1 (OK1), we are dedicated to reversing this trend and helping the bay remain pristine and healthy for future generations. Call our environmental awareness group in Pasadena, Maryland, at (450) 255-1492 to help us restore the Chesapeake Bay to its former glory!


Raising Environmental Awareness

Oyster King 1 is an environmental awareness group that is dedicated to restoring the environment one ecosystem at a time. Our current project is the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay region by introducing new populations of oysters that will filter the water and remove harmful pollutants.

It is time for serious action to clean the Chesapeake Bay, and bring back the oysters! It will not be easy and it cannot be done by one person, one program, or one idea. Success will require massive undertaking.


Instructional Aid

We are dedicated to spreading the word about serious environmental issues that threaten the surrounding ecosystem.
To that end, we offer helpful Aquaculture 101 courses at local schools and eye-opening seminars throughout the local community.

Restoring the Oyster Population

Our team aims to solve the Chesapeake Bay pollution problem by introducing oyster hotels to encourage oyster growth at an accelerated rate. Constructing these devices requires time and funding, though, so if you wish to play a role in restoring the Bay to its former beauty, we encourage you to make a donation to our cause!

To become involved in this project, please contact us to speak with a member of our team.

What's so important about cleaning up The Chesapeake Bay?

Oyster Hotel

To get the big picture you have to first understand that The Chesapeake Bay is essentially an accessible inland sea, and that it is a nursery for an enormous range of species - sea birds, migratory birds, amphibians, crustaceans, and an incredible array of fish - a who's who of creatures in the Northern Hemisphere. And the future of all these creatures is threatened because The Chesapeake Bay is ill and signs of improvement are both mixed and dubious, The main reason for the Bay's failing health is that is filtration system has broken down. Imagine turning the filtration system off to your in-ground swimming pool and going away for a month. How inviting would your pool be when you returned? The water would be dark and murky, with mold, mildew, black & green algae, and pond scum gathering around the edges. Now imagine the condition of The Chesapeake Bay with a filtration system that has been in decline for decades. Read More...

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