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Chesapeake Bay Sunset


Oyster King 1 would like to thank all the photographers who so graciously allowed us to use their beautiful photos of the Bay. We received enthusiastic and supportive responses from them, and we were grateful for their kind support for our cause and their love for Chesapeake Bay. They are listed below:

Mini beach Mini Beach by sillylittleidiot
First Island Jetty by Deliciaa
Sunset at Cape Charles III by jirizarry
Chesapeake Gazebo by Shikimori23
Chesapeake Bay by Sirhaven
Midsummer Night Dream by xarabianqueenx
My Solitude by xarabianqueenx
Tilt by Ascion

Oyster King would also like to thank the following people for their hard work redesigning the website and promoting Oyster King. We are grateful to Aisha Forsythe for her tireless work as Project Manager for the redesign of the website, Lalah Forsythe for marketing and promoting Oyster King online, especially in managing our presense on the social networking site Face Book and designing our new logo, and Marc Ottley for donating his time to design the new website.

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